Spear Of Longinus are a band with a purpose, plus they create music about as subtle as a doberman in a day-care centre. I caught up with vocalist/bassist Camazotz to help decipher the ancient heiroglyphs...


Q. First of all, let me welcome you to Quiddity. Could you start off with telling us who makes up Spear Of Longinus and how did this entity evolve?

A. A combination of visions, karma and dharma I suppose would be a nice answer to this, we have a purpose. Our current line-up is Camazotz - bass/vox, Griffiths - drums/vox and Rob - guitars/vox.

Q. Could you please give a brief explanation of your band's name and your reasons for using christian mythology?

A. The spear represents the destiny (dharma, karma) of our people. It has a myriad of facets involved, among which are metaphysics, science, "pseudo-science", blood, cosmic battles, etc. Christian mythology? Yes it is, but what type of christian? Now that is another thing entirely. Gnostic perhaps, just as we practice Gnostic Nazism. Longinus was Germanic and Longinus was not his real name...

Q. SOL seem to be one of the very few death/black metal bands outside Poland or France to use Fascist/esoteric lyrics. Did you see a lack of Nazi-styled lyrics being used, primarily within Australia, without venturing into the "Oi" genre?

A. Of course. Fuck all bands in Oz, do this kind of thing! Most Australians are lazy and brainwashed...we're just lazy. Ha Ha. The vast majority of metal lyrics would be esoteric, wouldn't you say. I mean, fuck knows what half these blokes are on about!!

Q. Are you at present in contact with any National Socialist groups within Australia, and is there a small amount of these groups in Australia, compared with, say, Sweden or the U.S?

A. Yes. Not really I think. If you compare our population numerically with America, we match them just fine, and if you compare our cultural diversity with Sweden then by that standard, we're doing just fine as well.

Q. Are you aware of larger Neo-fascist groups around the world, such as Canada's Heritage Front, W.A.R in the States and the immense Russian National Unity?

A. Yes

Q. About June 1997, the Sunday Mail ran a story about you. The story went on to state; "Jewish leaders said that Spear Of Longinus could be prosecuted under anti-vilification laws being considered by the State Government." Under current laws, couldn't you yourselves press charges against these Jewish leaders for their discrimination on the grounds of political beliefs?

A. You may be right, but the less of this $$$ orientated negativity we receive the better. It was a propaganda story, factless and misleading, as most of their drivel is. Pure sensationalism.

Q. On your demo, "Nazi Occult Metal", your vocals are somewhat different to most black/occult bands. Was this due to the difference in lyrical content?

A. I didn't think my vocals were all that different to most black/occult bands. I really wouldn't say that there to be all that much difference in lyrical content either, a different vibratory level perhaps, but still the same intent I suppose.

Q. You performed a concert with Poltus and Necrovore at "The Treasury" in August of 1996. What was the live experience like?

A. It was an OK gig, could have been louder with more studs and beer in the crowd though. I don't see the point playing metal if you don't do it live. What's the point? That's what metal's all about.

Q. Was this the only time you performed live? I have heard you played at a friend's birthday party and received complaints from two suburbs away.

A. Yes, we did a party and also another gig about a year ago. We're going to start gigging more now we have a stable line-up, but I guess that'll mainly be in a mirror or on video. Unless I get OBE happening again.

Q. What are your musical plans for the future? I have read you are considering doing a split Cd.

A. Our "Domni Satnasi" 7 track vinyl LP will be out in December 1997. Then perhaps a 7" series if we can swing it. That's why the LP took so long, we wanted vinyl.

Q. You were involved with the compiling of the mighty Hamarr 'zine. In what format were you involved?

A. Yes, two members of SOL have been involved with Hamarr. I've contributed and I guess you'd say edited it as well.

Q. Your Jesus/Satan poster was quite popular in circles, the Australian flag giving it a sense of nationalism. Was it Spectre, the individual who drew your Odin promo pamphlet, who drew this as well?

A. No, this was drawn by an old bassist we had a long time ago. I added the flag and stuff afterwards.

Q. There has been an explosion of modern death/black metal bands which state they are deeply inspired by Frederich Nietzsche. Do you believe that this is because of his famous quote "God is dead", his importance to such people as Rudolf Hess and other Nazi intellectuals and of course, Bathory's "Twighlight Of The Gods"?

A. Even if it is inspired by these "other" sources, it does not mean it is any less justified. A gateway is a gateway, a veil is a veil. All must be lifted and passed to leave this sphere.

Thanks for the interview, is there anything you would like to say in conclusion?

Look into the new LP and catch us live if you can. Hail Sathan/Asa-thor, the destroyer of the destroyers.

"It doesn't even have that typical guitar sound or anything. Emil has also served as a fill.